Snow Removal For Edmonton Condominiums

Edmonton condominium snow removal

Snow removal for apartments and condominiums in the greater Edmonton area can be complicated at times. The first thing to do is to make sure that your condominium has a contract with a snow removal company that is clearly stated and follows through with this as you are getting ready for the winter.


What is the best way to hire a snow removal company?

If you have all of your information about snow removal in front of you, consider using our online calculator to find the approximate cost of your snow removal contract. Once you have a price to compare contractors with, start collecting information about the best snow removal companies in your area.

You want to pay attention to the type of projects that the snow removal company specializes in. If the company has a lot of commercial and industrial properties, their equipment may not be suitable for your property. Call the snow removal company or company’s representative to schedule a time to view the property and see what equipment they use to remove snow. Request a copy of their current snow removal contract and an itemization of the contract in its entirety. Discuss the various snow removal solutions and make comparisons to the other contractor’s solutions. Read the contract and find out what you should pay based on your contract, what your snow removal company charges, and what your snow removal company charges for on-call special services.

Edmonton condominium snow removal
Edmonton condominium snow removal

What is the difference between a snow removal company and a landscaping company?

Snow removal services are provided by companies that are specifically licensed for the work. Snow removal for condominiums and apartments usually falls under the purview of landscaping and snow removal. Companies that specialize in landscaping tend to also work on snow removal but it is best for condo owners to choose a snow removal company that specializes in snow removal as their equipment will be specifically purchased for snow removal.


How do you know if your snow removal company is good?

Here is a checklist of questions to ask any snow removal company:

  • Do you take on both condominiums and big commercial projects?
  • Do you remove snow from the entrances and hallways of each building?
  • Do you have an efficient and effective snow removal plan for all of your properties?
  • Do you have several trucks at your disposal to clear roads and paths?
  • Do you use brine or salt when it snows?
  • What is your approach to ice control?
  • Is your snow removal equipment equipped with plows?
  • Are you in the process of upgrading your equipment to prevent ice control?
  • Are you able to keep track of how many customers you have with your snow removal service?


How should I communicate with our snow removal company?

When you have hired a reputable snow removal company to remove snow from your apartment or condominium property, you must let the company know of any issues that could cause their removal process to be delayed. For instance, if there is another project blocking parts of the condominium, it is imperative that the company is aware of this before any removal is carried out.

Snow removal contractors must be aware of the scheduled interruptions of the property in order to make the entire process as seamless as possible.



Do we need to clear roads of snow in the condominium?

Yes, snow removal from roads is a vital component for the continued accessibility of your building. Most condominiums can get away with having one or two road clearings per season, when the snow gets too high for cars to drive safely, or if deep ruts develop. In the case of an extreme snowfall or heavy accumulation, clear all of the streets in your condominium to allow people to safely walk on them and for vehicles to move safely.



As you can see, the snow removal process is no easy task, but it can be simplified if you get proper information. If you take the time to learn about it, your condo owners and condo owners association should be able to help you in your efforts to stay on top of snow removal in the Edmonton area.