How Much Does Condominium Snow Removal Cost In Edmonton?

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Condominium snow removal is about more than just clearing sidewalks and driveways for cars – it’s about making sure your residents are safe when accessing your property. Slippery sidewalks and roads that are not maintained increase the risk of slips and falls, and automotive accidents.


In areas that suffer particularly cold winters like Edmonton, having the right snow removal strategy and contract in place is critical. Every condominium, business, and publicly accessible property has the responsibility to maintain its property in a safe manner that protects pedestrians and drivers from slips and accidents. It requires attention to detail and frequent inspections, and a professional team that can respond to snowfall and effectively clear the property of snow and hazards.

Every snow removal company specializes in different types of properties and services. The type of snow removal company you hire for your property is critical in maintaining it throughout the winter. Your property may require a specific set of equipment or a particular way of keeping the property safe.

Let’s take a deep dive into the various factors that determine pricing for condominium snow removal in Edmonton.


Snow Removal Factors Determining Cost

Every property is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all measure of how much snow removal should cost. Some factors include the size of the property, the number of unit entrances and their length, length of sidewalks, whether you require driveway snow removal on a continuous basis or on an on-call basis, your desired frequency, snowfall triggers, and even the demographics of your residents.

Snow removal is an investment in the safety of your residents, and getting the right contract in place is more important than getting the cheapest deal.



In Edmonton, we get a ton of snow. This is not a surprise to anyone that has lived here for more than a few years. Properties with a high amount of snow accumulation will typically pay more for snow removal. Your location in the city can determine the amount of snow that your property gets. Properties on the north side of Edmonton typically get more snow than properties in the south.

The location of a property in relation to its surrounding area will also play a part in determining the snow removal cost, with factors such as on-street or private parking, suburban or urban, population density, and ease of access affecting the pricing.

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Driveways and Parking Lots

Condominium driveways and parking lots are priced based on square footage and difficulty. Snow removal for a square parking lot of 10,000 sq. ft. will cost less than a 10,000 sq. ft. windy driveway with lots of obstacles. Special attention needs to be paid to driveway areas that are connected to sidewalks, mailboxes, and other common property.


Snow Removal Service Type

The type of snow removal you require will also affect the pricing. If your property is in a high-density area, it may not have adequate space for snow piles and will require trucking to remove the snow. If the property is spacious and has areas where the snow removal contractor can pile snow, it can greatly reduce the cost. Trucking and disposal can be upwards of $300 per hour.

Your property may also require de-icing and traction materials to be applied to sidewalks and common property to ensure pedestrians are able to walk safely around the property. This is critical in the springtime when freeze-thaw cycles occur often.


Snowfall Amount & Schedule

The average price for condominium snow removal depends on your location and the contractor you use, but the biggest factor is the amount of snow that needs to be cleared and removed. The more it snows, the more you can expect to pay. If your condominium has a set budget, you may want to consider having a snow removal retainer, where the contractor will come and remove the snow upon any snowfall.

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De-icing and Traction Control

Most sidewalks will require salt or a traction control material at some point in the season.

The pricing here is determined by the amount of traction control material required, the area that needs to be de-iced, and the type of material.

Some properties have delicate landscaping that is sensitive to salt and other compounds, and may require a “green-friendly” material such as calcium chloride.


Type Of Contract

Now that we have covered the property factors that determine condominium snow removal pricing, let’s look at the contractual conditions that affect pricing.

Condominiums can save on costs and procure a lower cost of snow removal if they are willing to modify the conditions of the contract. They can increase the trigger amount of snow, give the contractor more time to clear the property, or share in the risk by paying an additional incidental fee in the event of extreme snowfall.

For example, the typical contract requires the snow removal contractor to remove snow “on trace”, which means any amount of snow. The condominium can ask that snow be removed only after a snowfall that exceeds 3cm, adjusting that measure up or down depending on their budget. Please bear in mind that even a few centimeters of snow can be compacted into a slippery layer of ice and present a hazard to your residents.

Condominiums can further adjust their snow removal cost by increasing the time that the contractor has to show up on site. Typically, snow removal companies give a guarantee to show up on site within 24 hours of snowfall. This can be increased to 36 or 48 hours.

Some properties require extra care, and in events of extreme snowfall may require the snow removal contractor to show up before it stops snowing to keep the property operational.


How To Choose A Cost-Effective Snow Removal Service?

Edmonton has lots of snow removal contractors, but too often they don’t distinguish between their ideal property size and type, and which property will be the last on their to-do list.

A snow removal contractor that serves large >50,000 sq. ft. parking lots and national commercial clients may bid on your condominiums snow removal requirements, but they don’t have the right equipment and when snowfall comes, they are going to serve their biggest properties first, leaving your property covered in snow and presenting a hazard to your residents.

Macsson Snow Removal specializes in condominiums and residential properties. We offer customized snow removal strategies and pricing to suit your condominium’s exact needs.

Give us a call today, request a quote online, or use our online calculator to estimate your condominium’s snow removal cost.

Macsson Snow Removal is an Edmonton-based snow removal company that helps to maintain the safety and wellness of Condominiums and Commercial properties in the Greater Edmonton area.

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